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Film Review: A Simple Favour (2018)

A Simple Favour (2018) is a drama thriller that takes a twist on the typical crime films. Directed by Paul Feig (whose works include the remake of Ghostbusters (2016) and Bridesmaids (2011), he follows his previous films that are female centric, casting Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in the lead roles. This story focuses on Stephanie (Kendrick), a mother and vlogger who reports on the disappearance of her friend Emily (Lively), and the story is told through a mix of the vlogs and in person, watching the intricate details of the mysterious case unfold.
To begin, the advertising campaign for this film was gorgeous. I am in love with the poster for this film, as it looks so sophisticated and really gives nothing away about the plot of the movie. All I knew about the film going in was that it was about a crime. I am not usually a fan of crime thrillers, yet this intrigued me due to being so different to the others. I am also a huge fan of Blake Lively in particular, having watched her in

An Update

For the next few weeks, the style of the writing for this blog will be a bit experimental. My reviews will be written in formats, as I am trying to see which format I like the best. As far as my film discussions, I feel like I am going to be more free with my style on those. My idea for the film discussion is that I will be commenting on an aspect related to the previous film talked about on this blog. For example, as the film reviewed this week will be IT, the film discussion will be about remakes in Hollywood and whether the film industry is lacking originality.

If you have any advice or opinions on any of my articles and can give me any words to help me improve on my writing, please let me know. I will take all comments on board.

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