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Why Different International Release Dates Just Don't Work

In a world where everything can be posted and seen online, this does not exclude the online world of movie spoilers, leaks and pirated film copies. Yes, as film fans, we all love the medium of film and want to support the industry as much as we can. However, for the sake of our enjoyment, sometimes getting a pirated copy of the film is the only way that we can avoid spoilers or leaks of the big blockbusters.

This became a big issue when Avengers: Infinity War was being released. Originally, the film was going to be shown to a European audience one week before the USA were due to receive it. This is standard for most Marvel films, and has worked for them in the past. However, with massive plot points and spoilers filling this 2.5 hour flick, one minuscule rumour would have potentially ruined a cinema-going experience for the American audience, the biggest box-office potential in the world.

So, and rightfully so, they decided to give the entire world the same release date. Within that, t…

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