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Film Review: Hereditary (2018)

Hereditary(2018) is a horror indie film from A24. Directed by debut Ari Aster and starring Toni Collette and Alex Wolff, the film focuses on a family as they cope with the death of their grandmother. trouble ensues when family pasts come back to haunt them.

There has never been a film more divided than Hereditary. This is the mother!of 2018 (a film I admittedly haven't seen yet). Some people absolutely love this film, what it is trying to say and how the film is structured and shot. However, some people find this to be terrible, incredibly slow-paced and with no pay-off at the end. It seems like you either have to love or hate this film.

So, what side am I on for this film? Well, by no means is this film "the next Exorcist" that some people are claiming it to be. However, I am definitely in love with Hereditary. As a fan of both the horror genre and independent filmmaking style, to see both mixed together and work so well makes me incredibly happy. It is also great to se…

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